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Milk Day?

[…] Penn was at a press conference at San Francisco’s Tosca Cafe today, asking for the passage of a California bill that calls on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare Milk’s birthday, May 22, as Harvey Milk Day.[…]

[…] Schwarzenegger vetoed similar legislation last year because he thinks the day should only be marked in San Francisco and not throughout the entire state.[…]

[…] Appearing Tuesday in San Francisco , Penn said he didn’t want to insult the intelligence of his fellow actor by assuming Schwarzenegger would again oppose designating a Harvey Milk Day on May 22.[…]

Szantażysta ;-)

[…] „Obviously, things have changed since last year,” Geoff Kors, executive director of the gay rights group Equality California, told me this morning. „The story of Harvey Milk, which is such an important story and is now known throughout the country, will be known throughout the world. We’re optimistic that in light of that the governor will reconsider.”[…]

Może ludzie z Equality California powinni, w ramach akcji informacyjnej, porozwieszać plakaty o ewentualnym Milk Day także w warszawskich autobusach? ;-)